Meet Eric Nelte (619) 850-1181, who just shook hands over a contract with Table Mountain Claim Owner Barry Murray on starting up ECO-Foam-Krete to be the second indepentent flow-through member owned LLC validation, before the "buy the ton" continues on to a step three contract with ECO-Mining-Milling to deliver bags of almost do-it-yourself "Nepheline Cement" that becomes FoamKret™.


These ordinary looking rocks are the natural non-toxic magic material needed to supply the new nanotechnology 'Peralkaline’ Nepheline Syenite Polymer Cement affordable breakthrough in an almost do-it-yourself simple housing project.

The Nepheline Cement mass marketing target for this start-up LLC is to help build an affordable climate change answer in ECO homes that have a Class One 4 hour at 3000-degree survivable wildfire rating. Something achieved by walls having super 'R' value insulating walls.

Nothing is total proof of sound, mold, pests, or forest fire evacuation without-worry, or even personally risking sheltering-in-place in an "envelope" home, that will still be standing, or at least floating, after the inevitable following flash flooding and mudslides that pattern that has been wiping out a lifetime of investing.

But, our end product of FoamKrete™ walls with a smart thin film solar and rainwater harvesting roof are also safer during tornados, hurricanes, tidal wave surges, are a survivors choice. Researchers are also claiming that light CLC concrete without rebar survives earthquake cracking better than overbuilt and expensive dense concrete.

Our other goal is using FoamKrete™ made affordable below the cost of an intensive labor and higher materials price tag of the conventional stick-built house.

A forest fire proof, flash flood proof, affordable home building material


This alt-financed start-up, earn your way in, website is the second step in Oregon's Table Mountain vertical integration individual-to-individual partnerships put into motion by a 79-year old claim holder Barry Murray, following the Andrew Carnegie business model avoiding unscrupulous watered down stock market schemes through non-securities affinity associations and by dealing in mining style royalty percentages.

Remember that a Scottish canny Andrew started with iron ore in-place to manufacture steel for a railroad end market. And then flowed his profits into one of a growing nation's most needed use of continuing education public libraries.

So, starting at the all exclusive power of having the largest recognized 'Peralkaline’ Nepheline Syenite in the US, ahead of 3M's quarry in New Mexico, a frugal Murray has come up with a simple plan to pass along an economic advantage in housing to those left out of insider trading opportunities, or even qualifying for a sub-prime mortgage.

We, a start-up LLC earn our service fee for bundling 1) Mineral 2) Management 3) Manpower... into a tradeable "ECO-Mined-Coin" horse trading certificate consisting of a "buy a $20 ton of in-place nepheline syenite" individual investor, dealing with individual claim-holder Barry Murray, to become part of this all individual "free choice" investment bundle that has nothing to do with playing the stock market, as a from the simple 1,2,3 flow through of:

A) Barry Murray's "ECO-Minerals-Stockpile" (which explains the Mining Law of 1872 recognization of associated companies, and the Apex Rule of lode claim ore not being held to a defined location underground) of over 250 Million tons of designated, and proven Nepheline Syenite ore.

It follows that every single $20 per ton plus 2% mine seller's royalty, for now, as listed on a benevolent everyday bill of sale agreement is likewise guaranteed by a purchaser's 2% mine owner/dealer's lien as well, of a proven value of a $20 per ton ore.

What makes this a "rock solid" buy is that the Table Mountain Claims, described in detail on a USFS plan of action accessible by mouse click below, with a proven, mineable, uniform reserve of 250,000,000 tons. Which at $20 per ton equals a total value of $5 billion in backing by the claims holder.

B) The second from the earth-up flow-through financial plan is an investor's choice of passing on along the bill of sale to hire us ... independent from Barry except for his check and balance of respecting the mining claim title ... for an additional $20 per ton service fee, for now, to operate "" as a management team to act as a research facility actually producing prototypes of the latest in ideas; nationally advertising and marketing what will also be passed along as FoamKrete™; and to act as a checks and balance bundle registration validator for what is already being called an asset-based challenge to BitCoins.

C) The third leg of manpower for mining and milling is that how the mineral is managed by a contract which, for now, is as stipulated in the USFS filed plan of action.

This too is a start-up opportunity in need of management and money to satisfactorily meet the contract provisions right now, which is all costs (including per ton amortization of equipment) plus a guaranteed 10 percent return. The check and balance here are that blatant billing abuses or anything interfering with the legality of the claims... the contract will not be renewed.

With the 1-2-3 flow-through system it is important (but not required) that the buy-the-ton Nepheline Syenite Bill of Sale owner also makes an additional $20 down payment on the contract with ECO-Mining-Milling to deliver product to and establish the wholesale price of

This is also important so that ECO-Foamed-Krete can manage A-B-C into a bundle of natural resource wealth into an ECO-Mined-Coin holding situation which will be assigned a serial number to protect the royalty holders who may choose to advance to the front of the line waiting for delivery by paying off the down payment contract, as collectively overseen by

Those that do not cash-in their mineral value for a quick-flip profit paid in inflated/deflated paper dollars are welcome to flow through on their own to help to establish exclusive to an area a FoamKrete™ Distribution center.

And/Or keep your rare mineral wealth (it's not just a franchise) flowing through to help build an ECO-Housing-America off-grid CO-OP village.

Whatever the outcome the liquidity of a one-ton certificate is when what cost $60 plus the 2% royalties product, even without completing the mining contract is of an "in-demand basic building material" being put to use in a time of need will return an actual value unaffected by the double-headed sword of manipulated inflation/deflation.

Ben Franklin had a lot of ideas worked out to make the US what it is today.

Those already victims of catrosphic climate change, still paying on a mortgage for burnt-over land, may find that their recovery of rebuilding with insurance recovery payments, may also solve the catch-22 problem of cancelation of a mortgage required insurance due to a "proven pre-existing FIRE or FEMA risk".

This alt-financed start-up website, besides being the R&D voice in prototype FoamKrete™ housing during a time of rapid growth of meeting affordable needs of a truly off the infrastructure grid, where an embedded thin-film solar smart roof can collect, and conserve cloudbursts from overflowing stormwater and sewage facilities is the facilitator of a small business focused on survival in a comfortable style.

Other alt-finance "flow-through" past delivery for the individual per ton "FoamKrete™" owner/dealer unit certificates supplying material to sell could also be used as leverage by outright sale or trade, filling a need for small on-site batch mixers with a CLC pump, along with reusable molding forms for rent, or specialized rigid integral components as steel framing for walls, doors, built in windows, for sale.

Or choose to become an "ECO-Mined-Coin" futures style earn-in member of a neighborly affordable "ECO-Housing-America" CO-OP village, which could be a small affinity work-from-home business cluster, or a retire-in-place family center where grandchildren are welcomed in the community. For vacations have a seasonal shareholding of an ECO Resort.

Dreams, all made possible by the longer term holding of a needed physical product, by the ton, whose basic needs market value is not subject to wild inflation or falling deflation when considering "wealth".

The hard part of explaining today's market value of a one-ton valued ECO-Mined-Coin that cost $60 plus royalties for an un-flippable for a quick profit right now, really is a longer-term investment. Even though Table Mountain, Oregon ore, almost the same chemistry of what comes out of Chinese nepheline -325 grinder mill, is currently selling on for $250 FOB.

Our projected mining contract of realistic costs plus 10% upon delivery bonus with ECO-Mining-Milling delivery and completion of their $20 down payment agreement, has been penciled out that the flow-through bundle delivered bundle will total to no more than a total cost of a conservative $200 per ton.

However, as we are in our start-up stage, a ways from full production, So that $60 spent for the ECO-Mined-Coin may be held in a certificate numbered line before paying off the rest of the contract to take delivery of the physical product. Or when demand is high just let a flow-through business take care of that.

If some buyers group absolutely needs a supply of nepheline syenite "cement" by a contracted date, make that $250 per ton in USD plus or minus paper dollars depending on where the markets have headed, plus shipping, contract us as brokers.


The documented answers in filing a US Forest Service Plan of Action that requires  scientific knowledge.

In these days of anonymous destabilisation of the free Internet, not knowing what source can be trusted, and not knowing if e-mail addresses wil reach their intended destination, or if long-established phone numbers become a useless form of communication... we are suggesting that both of buyer and seller need to revert to the tried and true US Postal Service, where for years Postal Inspectors have been instrumental in fighting fraud.

We also need to know if much larger enterprises operating as a "dirty trick" cartel, or a what used to have been an illegal monopoly can stop this alt-housing movement.

This is why we suggest a trial order of only one $60 ECO-Mined-Coin certificate, paid for by a personal check, and note identifying yourself as someone who really could be a trusted business partner. And, let us know when reordering additional tons for the same locked in price, what choice of hat would you like to proudly wear?

The mail address, and check for disbursement to help form the flow-through, for now, should be sent to trustee Barry Murray, POB 678, Waldport, Oregon 97394. If you have questions, try to get through the wall of robocalling of 503-753-5868.

Those who rightly do not trust anything they read on the Internet, or bitcoin comparisons, or not being in control, here is an easier way to purchase a same FOB Oregon product at the FOB Chinese established price of $250 per ton, plus local shopping total, by contacting Barry Murray ( of direct.

Be warned that Murray is an Assburger's high functioning Syndrome character similar to Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and does bazinga things as asking those wishing connect the his e-mail address to click on old faithful Charlie Horse's ass!

Read the media side of his life by going to

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